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Haynes MarComs Celebrates First Birthday With Roster of Start-Ups and Established Brands

United Kingdom, poole, Dorset. February 25, 2020

Haynes MarComs, a specialist technology marketing and PR consultancy, recently celebrated its first birthday with six client acquisitions and team expansion. With the birth of a new decade, it aims to become a market leader with its own unique personality providing boutique services to scaling tech and service companies.

Founded in February 2019 by PR and marketing expert Ryan Haynes, Haynes MarComs has undergone rapid expansion, bringing on board some top clients like Blackboard and Pegasus, and a number of younger, growing businesses bringing innovation to the travel sector - Criton, bd4travel, Sciant, Beonprice and Spotta, in its first year of operation.

From its inception, Haynes MarComs offers a unique personality by concentrating on the specific markets where it has relevant expertise and experience to provide clients with a level of industry knowledge and insight that more generic marketing agencies are unable to provide.

The UK-based company's overall focus is B2B technology and services within its innate specialism of travel and hospitality, with vertical delivery for businesses working in Fintech, property, engineering, digital transformation and innovation. Together with this laser-focused approach comes a set of core values and goals.

These put the personal touch at the heart of everything Haynes MarComs strives to achieve, from treating clients with trust, honesty and decency, to being dependable, dynamic, cutting edge and global in scope - all core values instilled in the founder throughout a two-decade-long career in PR and marketing.

"Our business is about having a clear position, proposition, narrative and personality, which we aim to instil in our clients," said Ryan Haynes, Director and Lead Consultant. "We want to help growing and scaling businesses bulk out their marketing and communications from strong foundations and a robust infrastructure which helps showcase their unique character. Most importantly it's about our clients' audiences understanding their business: how sales and account teams support their customers, how partners can work collaboratively, and the way customers can learn and use products. We hope to help more companies achieve their commercial goals through strong relatable stories."

The marcomms specialist supports start-ups, VC-invested businesses and scaling enterprises by being additional marketing resource and expertise, providing strategic marketing consultancy, marketing management, PR and industry relations, and content production and publishing through traditional and digital channels.

Stefano Ragusa, Marketing Manager at innovative hospitality tech firm, Criton, said: "Because they understand the market inside out, Haynes MarComs gets what we are trying to do and helps us to push that message with engaging content and a unique brand voice."

Rochelle Vincent, Director of International Marketing of education software provider, Blackboard, commented: "Blackboard's involvement with Ryan and his team has been exceptional over the past year. The team has completed a number of pieces for us and the output has been better than anticipated. Haynes MarComs works with us to understand our brand and the message we want to deliver. With this level of engagement, the relationship feels easy and hassle free. We are now expanding our involvement and look forward to a long partnership."

Based in the expanding digital services hub of Bournemouth (UK), Haynes MarComs was founded in early 2019. It signed its first clients Lisbon Nearshore and Blackboard in early 2019 when the Limited entity was registered. As well as beginning fruitful collaborations with a host of new partners, Ryan also took the time out to leverage his expertise to host training workshops to startups at the Royal Academy of Engineering.

"With the 2020s underway we're looking to the future with the goal of becoming a thought leader within the industry, pushing forwards alongside some of the most innovative businesses, startups and tech providers in the world to make the coming decade one of true technological advancement," concluded Haynes.

To see what Haynes MarComs can do for you, to find out more, or just join in the conversation visit

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About Haynes MarComs LTD

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Ryan Haynes
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Haynes MarComs
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