Ruby Hotels Drives Conversion With Bookboost Guest Messaging

Direct Messaging Achieves 29% Conversion Rate

Sweden, Malmo, Malmo. April 27, 2021

Ruby Hotels has improved conversion and reduced costs as a result of direct messaging engagement with its guests. The lean luxury hotel brand partnered with Bookboost Guest Messaging to better connect with guests to provide unique stay experiences.

On implementing the guest engagement platform, the Ruby team identified best use case scenarios to build guest relationships and drive cost-saving initiatives. Ruby Hotels identified products to offer by text message to achieve a better level of conversion, incorporating its Green Option - where guests skip a day room cleaning in return for a cocktail - which achieved a staggering 29% conversion rate, compared to only 0.1% by email.

This initiative represents a high 5-digit saving per year in room cleaning services across its portfolio, based only on timid September 2020 occupancy levels. Ruby Hotels has also calculated that it saves 42 litres of water for each cleaning that is skipped, enabling the brand to save 42,000 litres of water weekly in a 200 room hotel - the equivalent to a private swimming pool.

In addition, the group identified an opportunity to request a Google review on check-out, improving review ratings by 8 - 11% securing an average score of 4.7 compared to 4.4.

Bookboost has enabled each hotel to directly message guests with personalised messages relevant to their arrival and stay. The guest messaging platform works across numerous messaging channels including Email, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, among others giving guests freedom of choice.

"We're an innovator in this stage, and we are looking carefully at how to test and implement innovation through proven use cases," says Tobias Koehler, Group Director Systems & Commerce at Ruby Hotels. "We also look at how we can harness innovation ourselves through process improvement and reviewing leakage in our operations or service delivery. It's important that we make an effort to get this right for the customer. You only have so much attention from the guest that you can expect. And you need to care and look after this, protect it, and use it in the best possible way."

Ruby Hotels plans to deploy Bookboost in its ten hotels across Europe as part of its philosophy to provide lean luxury for modern, cost- and style-conscious customers through adopting innovative technologies, which synergizes with Bookboost's mission to empower hotels to engage with guests through conversation for enhanced guest satisfaction and increased revenue.

"We are working closely with Ruby Hotels to create personalized experiences for guests through Guest Messaging," said Daan de Bruijn, CEO of Bookboost. "Together with Ruby Hotels, we aim to satisfy guests' needs throughout the guest journey according to their time, schedule and likings. And that we do by sending guests the right message, at the right time, on the most appropriate channel, in the right tone."

Bookboost's Guest Messaging solution includes the Omnichannel Website Chat, which automates replies to website visitor inquiries using artificial intelligence and enables guests to talk with Ruby Hotels on their preferred messaging channel. Ruby Hotels also utilizes Bookboost's Proactive Direct Messaging to schedule and send personalized SMS to segmented guests.

Direct messaging is beginning to replace email as the communication channel of choice for guests, Bookboost connects to a variety of messaging apps to give guests choice and accommodation providers flexibility. The messaging platform connects to hotel systems including lead property management systems (PMS) such as Clock PMS, MEWS, Opera PMS, Protel, and others to make the experience seamless.

Ruby Hotels and Bookboost Team
Ruby Coco Hotel
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