Topaz Services Announces Its C5 Booking System Integration With SHR Windsurfer Central Reservations System

USA, Oakland, California. February 16, 2022

Topaz Services, a leader in reservation call handling for boutique and lifestyle hotels, announced its integration of C5, their proprietary hotel call center reservation platform, with SHR's Windsurfer CRS.

With this integration, Topaz Services is able to efficiently provide personalized reservation call handling services and support to client hotels who use the Windsurfer CRS connection. Using C5, Topaz Reservation Sales Agents (RSAs) benefit from full and instant access to a hotel's real-time inventory and rates in Windsurfer.

C5's intuitive, dynamic user interface allows RSAs to convert calls into reservations as if they were on-site. With extensive up-to-date hotel information and rates right at their fingertips, RSAs are able to quickly present and confidently promote each hotel's unique attributes.

C5 was designed specifically for the hotel voice reservation agent environment for use at a central reservations office, or in-house at the hotel. The system mirrors the typical reservation call, offering the RSA all of the information needed at each point in the reservation process to effectively convert calls into reservations.

Core objectives to both SHR and Topaz Services are superb customer service, a positive guest experience and maximum revenue generation. Implementation requires little to no additional work, and onboarding is quick. Topaz is just a checkbox away from getting enabled as a booking channel in Windsurfer.

"The voice channel will always be a critical part of the reservations process for hoteliers, particularly as they implement strategies to drive and convert more direct business," said Rod Jimenez, CEO of SHR. "We're excited to work with Topaz to ensure call-center and front-desk agents have all the information they need at their fingertips to improve the experience and drive conversion during this crucial guest touchpoint."

Eric Gustavson, President at Topaz Services, said, "Our objective has always been to better connect hotels with their guests. Integrated with Windsurfer, C5's ultra-efficient design and information-rich environment not only enhances the ability for a RSA to connect with a caller, it allows for better conversion which brings more revenue to the bottom line for our mutual hotels. This obviously makes a win-win-win scenario for Windsurfer, Topaz and our joint clients. Our relationship with SHR is long standing and mutually supportive; we truly value that."

About Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR): SHR is a leading provider of meaningful technology that helps hotels execute their best revenue generation strategies. With a sophisticated hotel management system, SHR enables hotels around the world with applications ranging from distribution to revenue management to guest management, including: Windsurfer® CRS, Windsurfer Booking Engine, Wave RMS, Maverick CRM, in addition, Revenue Management for Hire services to brands, chains and management companies. For more information, visit

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About Topaz Services

Business Contact:

Gabriel Ruiz
Senior Vice President of Operations
Topaz Services
T: +1 510-628-4488
E: [email protected]

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