Topaz Services Announces Its C5 Booking System Integration With Vertical Booking CRS

USA, Larkspur, California. February 23, 2022

Topaz Services, a leader in reservation call handling for boutique and lifestyle hotels, announced the integration of Vertical Booking's Central Reservation System (CRS) with Topaz's hotel call center reservation platform, C5.

Vertical Booking's CRS online booking software allows its hotel clients to manage reservations on all channels. Now, with integration to C5, professional voice reservation support is also available to those clients through Topaz Services. Topaz Reservation Associates (RSAs) access real-time hotel rates and inventory as well as up-to-date information and unique selling points to turn callers into hotel guests.

C5 is designed specifically for the hotel voice reservation process and follows the natural rhythm of a call. It's ultra-efficient, dynamic interface makes RSAs confident and comfortable allowing for a genuine connection between the agent and caller. This rapport leads to higher conversion rates, increased revenue, and a positive guest experience.

Topaz Services and Vertical Booking look to make things easier for hoteliers through quick and efficient onboarding and system implementation. Enabling Topaz as a booking channel in Vertical Booking's CRS means bringing a trusted hotel partner into a hotel's distribution strategy; the voice channel being imperative for driving direct booking opportunities into conversions.

"The all important voice channel deserves a sophisticated booking tool to enable RSAs to connect with clients and convert calls into reservations", said Eric Gustavson, President of Topaz Services. "C5's intuitive architecture and functionality make it easier for an RSA to engage with the caller and present a variety of guestroom and suite options, often resulting in upselling opportunities. Throughout the integration process, we have greatly appreciated having had the opportunity to work with the outstanding Vertical Booking team."

"Vertical Booking USA is very pleased to integrate our CRS into Topaz's hotel call center reservation platform, C5," said Mark Lewis-Brown, CEO & President of Vertical Booking USA. "Many customers are still looking for the human touch and would prefer to book their next hotel stay by phone, making this integration particularly important for hoteliers looking to capture as many bookings as possible. The sophisticated C5 platform, now integrated with the Vertical Booking CRS, gives access to the property's real-time inventory and room rates, offering Topaz' RSAs the ability to provide the best possible customer service, resulting in more conversions and happier customers. It's a win/win for all hoteliers."

About Vertical Booking USA: Vertical Booking is the online booking software for Independent Hotels and Chains. The most complete and flexible CRS (Central Reservation System) solution to manage reservations on all channels, with special marketing tools to optimize revenue. The back office is easy to use, complete and provides intuitive and detailed graphic reports to help control and manage the system. The complete suite includes a website Booking Engine, Synchro Channel Manager, a Metasearch Manager, a CRO (Central Reservations Office), GDS Connectivity and Representation, Marketing and Intelligence Tools, and Applications (iOS/Android). For more information, please visit

About Topaz Services

Business Contact:

Gabriel Ruiz
Senior Vice President of Operations
Topaz Services
T: +1 510-628-4488
E: [email protected]

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