June FOCUS: Sales & Marketing

June, 2022

Sales & Marketing: Promoting Peace of Mind

As the hotel industry transitions to a more familiar position, it is still necessary for hotels to emphasize in their marketing the health protocols they have implemented to ensure guest safety and wellness. Above all, guests need to be reassured that every precaution is being taken to safeguard their well-being. Additionally, there are other marketing strategies that hotels can implement as a way to boost their business. For example, neighborhood marketing is a tactic that relies heavily on appealing to local audiences. Incentives targeting locals can fulfill the craving that some people have for time away from home, but aren't ready to hop on a plane. Another viable strategy is to promote experiences in nature. After being stuck inside for so long, many people are looking for hotels to help them re-connect with the great outdoors. The June Hotel Business Review will focus on the marketing strategies that some hotels are adopting and how they are benefiting from them.

This month's feature articles...

Conor Kenny

Selling is a complex art and a tricky science, yet it is an under-trained, undervalued, not respected high skill profession, where people are often hired untested because 'they're really nice.' In a post pandemic era, competing with virtual sales and a marketplace underflowing with available talent, this article will help you to understand the purpose of selling in a different way and what to look out for in your salespeople. READ MORE

David Allison

Behavioral scientists have known for decades that core human values drive all our decisions, including which hotel we choose. When we add valuegraphics to the demographics and psychographics in our audience profiles, we get a clear picture of how to motivate our prospects and customers at the level of human instinct. This case study walks through how valuegraphics could impact marketing strategy for a luxury hotel brand in Europe. READ MORE

Daisy Wolfenden

With their popularity and high rates of commission, OTAs can be a thorn in the side of every hotel. But there are a few different things you can do to make the OTAs work for you, and even beat them at their own game. Check out these six tips and see if you can start to turn the tables. READ MORE

Àngel Redondo Tena

With what is expected to be the busiest travel season of all time right around the corner, hotels need to ensure their technology runs smoothly and keeps up with increased traffic. Hotels and short-term rentals need to adopt technology that balances both guests' wants and staffing constraints to ensure their comfort and safety this summer and beyond. READ MORE

Aron Ezra

Five years after his original look at gamification in the hospitality world for HotelExecutive, Plan A Technologies Chairman Aron Ezra revisits the piece. He recounts which of his predictions proved right (and examines which of his proved less so) while offering his biggest takeaway for the entire field. READ MORE

Lucille Yokell

When I saw the HotelExecutive email subject line for the June feature - "Hotel Sales & Marketing: Promoting Peace of Mind" - I was excited. This would be a good time to see what new things hotels are doing to promote themselves now that people are traveling again. I could not wait to start working on the project and to speaking with those who were doing the sales and marketing and those who would receive the benefit of that sales and marketing. All in all I spoke with almost two dozen hotels - mostly east coast - their customers and some hotel guests. READ MORE

Sneha Thuppul

While travel is on the rise, today's hotel guests have changed. Properties are finding they must adapt their loyalty programs and marketing strategies to engage with them. By selecting the right solution set for their properties, hoteliers can learn more about their guests, create more upsell opportunities, and capture more of the guest spend. From booking to post-stay communication, and to wedding groups, hotels have the ability to create exceptional experiences. READ MORE

Ben Schumacher

The hospitality industry is progressively building the foundations for post-COVID operations and preparing for a brave new world of hospitality. Ben Schumacher, Vice President of Operations, South East Asia Pacific Rim, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts shares how the world's largest hotel franchisor will win the hearts and minds of travellers who are adopting new behaviours, expectations and needs. READ MORE

Brenda Fields

Over the past 20 years, there have been significant changes to hotel sales and marketing strategies and responsibilities primarily brought on by the evolution of technology. The science of revenue management and the sophistication and reach of social media are two key components contributing to changes. This article will illuminate what owners and operators can do to ensure that their properties are fully versed in the role of Direct Sales. READ MORE

Anton Moore

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gansevoort Meatpacking completed a multi-million dollar rebrand and renovation, successfully repositioning the iconic hotel into the luxury market. With a strategic focus on targeting the local market, the hotel was able to allow guests to experience the brand new elevated property, all while ensuring the utmost health and safety standards. READ MORE

Chris McAndrews

As pandemic restrictions ease and demand for hotels increases, hoteliers are finding themselves in the unique position of having to take on the role of content creators. In order to stand out and succeed as content marketers, hoteliers must learn how to highlight their differentiators and stay visible to planners. READ MORE

Stephanie Smith

Your digital presence is more than just your hotel's website. It is any website where a potential guest may research your hotel, which could be between 7 and 35 sites before booking a hotel. This 25-point checklist is intended to identify gaps in your total online digital strategy for branded hotels. Once you identify where your needs are, you can begin working out a strategy to increase your hotel's total online presence. READ MORE

Steve Heitzner

The onset of COVID 19 caused marketers to rethink their strategies to connect with consumers. Initially, some chose to curtail marketing in an effort to protect perception of their brand(s) and employ a phased approach to their recovery efforts. Marketers were saddled with diminished budgets, operational challenges and the health risks that consumers feared. So, what are they doing today? READ MORE

Bonnie Knutson

Many lists rank some aspect of a hotel's business. Revenues. Stock prices. Number of properties. REVPAR. Ad infinitum. It is no wonder, then, that I eagerly look forward to reading Just Capital's 2022 annual rankings of America's most just companies, listing the "100 companies [that show] a holistic, stakeholder-driven approach to their business results in stronger value creation…recognizing the link among all stakeholders – workers, customers, communities, shareholders, and the environment." Where would your hotel rank? READ MORE

Michael Goldrich

Meeting, Event, and Wedding planners drive significant hotel revenue, but most hotel websites focus the vast majority of their messaging to convert leisure travelers. By leveraging targeting and personalization, hotel websites can flex to speak to both leisure travelers and planners equally and drive more leads and direct bookings through the hotel website. READ MORE

Gary Richards

The Pandemic has had a far-reaching impact for every hotel professional. It had gone on far longer than anyone anticipated. As we move into brighter times, there are many factors from a Sales and Marketing standpoint that will be important to know and use in helping hotels recover from the massive impact of Covid. While it is an ongoing work in progress, each hotel has to be constantly ready to pivot strategies. This article will provide some thoughts how to help move from the dramatic lows to better times in the near future. READ MORE

Caitlyn Piercy

As the hospitality industry navigates a new chapter, guest comfort and overall guest experience can be greatly improved through simple yet efficient social strategy. By utilizing and leading with transparency and an empathetic approach, guests feel empowered and confident in their travels, and in turn, brands can be valued as authentic, approachable, and welcoming as the desire to create extraordinary memories and reconnect with others continues to grow. READ MORE

Allison Handy

As the hotel industry continues to transition away from the financial stresses and operational upheavals of COVID, owners and operators are adjusting their marketing approach accordingly. From practices and priorities to personnel, these shifts encompass everything from resource allocation to campaign direction, providing a potentially revealing look at the current and future contours of the industry's marketing landscape. READ MORE

Peter Ricci

Hotels are emerging from the COVID-19 and welcoming guests, but they do not have clear guidelines on how to let guests know that their properties are clean and safe. In this article we note how hotels that mention their cleaning, security, and well-being practices clearly in their sales and marketing procedures will more likely generate goodwill and have a distinct edge in their competitive set READ MORE

David Gross

Seasoned hospitality industry veteran, David Gross of Georgia's Lanier Islands, traces history's impact on the hotel trade and several of the resulting measures taken to restore a sense of peace of mind to guests. From visual cues to impactful initiatives, making guests feel secure not only enhances their experience, but also requires the industry to continually innovate on their behalf. READ MORE

April Lickovitch

COVID-19 changed everything for the hospitality industry. Historically hotels relied on business travelers and groups to fill rooms, but are now required to focus heavily on leisure. And the mindset of the leisure guest is completely different. Digital marketing - specifically how you market your hotel online - will be key to smoothly transitioning to meet the needs of this target audience and capture greater market share. READ MORE

Allison Kronberg

Business Insider claimed in 2021 that hotel wellness marketing was superficial. As wellness became synonymous with safety, the author argued, the industry was facing a reckoning on what constituted true wellness. But "wellness" is different from "safety" in terms of each topic's consumer interest and COVID's respective impact. Hospitality marketers must closely watch how those interests trend. READ MORE

Robert O'Halloran

A hotel that focuses its marketing and sales efforts on guest confidence can build trust that relates to guest's feelings of safety and security to create repeat guests. Sales and marketing for hotels can create an expectation that the new standards for health and safety have and will sustain and be enhanced as part of the operations future. READ MORE

Rachel Svoboda

In 2020, the hospitality industry had to adjust quickly to accommodate COVID-19 protocols. Now in 2022 with travel restrictions easing and more people choosing to travel, it is just as important to advertise that your hotel upholds the highest of cleanliness standards. Read this article to learn 4 ways in which you can assure guests that your accommodations are clean. READ MORE

Fausto Marques

After the past two years, guests demand a lot more from hotels: including seamless research and payment experiences, transparent pricing, flexible cancellation policies, and special perks - to name just a few. In this article, I share some crucial areas your hotel should focus on when tweaking your digital marketing and sales strategies to reach more guests and get more direct bookings in 2022. READ MORE

Po-Ju Chen

This article focuses on how to marketing the health and wellness to lodging industry. The impact of wellness economy to the lodging industry is highlighted. The commonly adopted health and wellness programs and services in US and European were identified. The recommended marketing and sales strategies following the five phases of value proposition model for hotel wellness programs are presented. READ MORE

Nancy  Strelau

Employers face unprecedented challenges in 2022 trying to retain and attract well-qualified workers in the current high-demand environment for workers. We are seeing employers attempt to overcome these challenges by offering nontraditional benefits and increasing employee ownership opportunities. All-sized hotel employers should engage well-qualified benefits advisors and legal counsel to guide them. Here are five employee benefits trends we are seeing. READ MORE

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