February FOCUS: Social Media

February, 2022

Social Media: Essential Interaction

As important as social media has been to hotels as a way to engage guests and drive direct bookings, it is becoming even more essential for hotels to implement a comprehensive social media strategy. All the major platforms have users numbering in the hundreds of millions - and in some cases, billions of users - so it is imperative for hotels to have an established presence on those massive channels. The goals of social media outreach are relatively clear-cut - identify and interact with current and prospective guests; create a brand voice that resonates with your target demographic; promote products, services, special offers, and contests; and acquire market data to support your business analytics. This is accomplished by creating imaginative and shareable content in order to give your brand maximum visibility, generate bookings, and keep guests interacting with your business throughout the entire customer journey. The February Hotel Business Review will document how some hotels are successfully executing social media strategies for the benefit of their operations.

This month's feature articles...

Po-Ju Chen

This article highlighted opportunities and challenges that hoteliers faced when involving various social media platforms for business including marketing. Given hotels enjoyed the abundant opportunities for business operations and means to interact with their customers, the ethics of using social media also addressed. This helps hotels for their businesses and creates an effective online presence on the internet. READ MORE

Carrie Trimble

If a hotel brand's internal data does not show a strong relationship between its social media activity and its revenue per available room, there may be a disconnect between what guests want in social media and what they're getting from the brand. Following best practices in customer care and post content should increase customer acquisition, retention, and evangelism. READ MORE

Kiko Singh

A strong brand and cohesive design narrative can help guide guests' decision-making process in selecting a hotel, as they know what suits their lifestyle and needs, whether planning an outdoor adventure, family trip, or splurging on a luxurious romantic getaway. Choreographing the guest journey with branding touchpoints and locally inspired design will differentiate hotels from competitors and enhance global expansion plans. READ MORE

Danielle Koeller

There might not have been a city that was hit harder than New York during the beginning of the pandemic. Learn how one management company utilized engaging, quality content and messaging, during the global health crisis to keep the dream of travel alive in the city that never sleeps. READ MORE

Jacqui Rose

Publishing quality sharable and branded content will do more for a social media strategy than fixating on engagement, paid promotions, and analytics. By reshaping the parameters for expected success, businesses can learn to grow their accounts through thoughtful experimentation. Companies that prioritize reach and consistency are likely to see the greatest return on investment as real users share posts and platform algorithms value account activity. READ MORE

Justin Taillon

Lodging professionals have been attempting to identify ROI of social media formulas for nearly two decades. Emerging research evidences it is likely that current approaches and formulas are not only inaccessible, but unwise. This article identifies trends in assessing social media successes in the lodging industry, while also forecasting the future of social media in our industry. READ MORE

Florence Quinn

Should you hire a firm that does both PR and social media? Since they are separate services with different skill sets, what's most important is the depth and breadth of experience of each team. In this regard, there are several benefits to hiring a firm that only does PR and an agency that only does social media. At Quinn we work with social media agencies. READ MORE

Herbert Laubichler-Pichler

A well-crafted social media presence seems almost effortless on the surface but behind the scenes demands strategic planning and compelling content. Whether you're deploying videos and live streams, harnessing your staff and guests' photographic and videography skills, or collaborating with quality influencers, the principles of communication remain the same - presenting a compelling hook, angle and story to cut through. READ MORE

Agita Jaber

Everyone knows about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms, yet there is much confusion about how to use them effectively for business purposes and how to actually drive measurable revenue and profit. Success requires time, effort, and experienced professionals with a targeted and defined strategy. How can hotel executives leverage and benefit from social media platforms? READ MORE

Ken Parish

The novel coronavirus pandemic has helped accelerate the trend of employing social media as a key strategy for hospitality sales and marketing. This is where our guests are found and where they make many of their important buying decisions. Keys to success include careful selection of opportunities to engage potential guests, IT security and a strong sales culture within the organization. READ MORE

Frank  Vertolli

Now more than ever, social media is a place for businesses to connect and share with their audience. This engagement provides those in the travel and tourism industry the opportunity to collect valuable first-party data. Though how brands utilize that data will ultimately make or break its worth. READ MORE

Hilary Feutz

Through digital channels, hotels can prioritize connecting with guests at all phases of their stay and champion operational directives. Ensure your social media strategy augments operations teams and their efforts with guest communications, reputation management, rewarding loyalty, creating ambassadors, content development, hotel programming and strategic partnerships – with key takeaways to ultimately enhance the guest journey. READ MORE

Lily Frohlich

Rapid growth in social media platforms such as TikTok and a marked increase in influencer marketing spend mean it has never been more important to invest in your social strategy. We saw social media platforms change rapidly in 2021, shifting away from static images and championing short-form video. So, how can hotels utilise social media to its full potential? READ MORE

Sophie Madgewick

Social media can be one of the most effective methods of communication with both your existing and your potential future customers. Having a clear and well-planned social strategy is the best method of ensuring success, so here are 5 of Wolfenden's top tips on how to create a winning social media strategy. READ MORE

Stephanie Smith

Starting (or restarting) your hotel on social media is no easy feat. From how to delegate tasks, to how to budget, to how to leverage ads and communication, here is your comprehensive guide to social media for hotels in 2022. Bonus tips and tricks at the end of the article. READ MORE

Gaurav Varma

Since the early days of planning trips with friends on casual online chatrooms, social media has come a long way. From ideating to planning to booking and beyond, travel and hospitality brands now have opportunities to influence each buying cycle phase on social media platforms. Establishing your unique brand voice through social media marketing is an intricate process. For the marketers' benefit, here are the emerging trends for 2022 that will impact your hotel marketing on social channels READ MORE

Cathy Kerkhove

With social media, success begins by fostering engagement and providing inspiration. Being experiential, authentic, relevant, and consistent across your social media communications will help increase those essential engagement metrics. Now more than ever, gaining trust, building relationships, expanding reach, and encouraging action will directly influence your hotel's financial and operational performance. READ MORE

Arielle Rubenstein

At no other juncture has social media held such potential to drive new business for hotels. Factor in the pent-up demand driven by the global health crisis and it's clear that now is the perfect time for travel brands to revisit their social methodology. Here's the approach Screen Pilot's social media experts are utilizing for post-pandemic success. READ MORE

Martin Stoll

Social media is critical. Whether your marketing team has fully embraced the need to monitor constant changes of the social landscape, or sticks to its tried-and-true Facebook content, guests are adapting their social behaviors, and your bottom line depends on strategic social campaigns targeting specific audiences. Hospitality leaders must diversify their platform content to reach multiple audiences, as the next phase of social media will bring more opportunities to drive transactions and sell products and services. READ MORE

David Viteri

All hospitality related businesses that depend on online bookings will be impacted by Google's new updates to their search algorithm. This time, the updates are geared towards site speed performance as well as new consumer search behavior. So how can hospitality businesses hedge visibility in 2022 to drive direct bookings and save on OTA commissions? READ MORE

Scott  Lee

Travelers are yearning for more sensation-rich experiences this year. Architects must adapt to this changing demand by designing hospitality spaces that defy expectations and heighten the sensory experience. Utilizing nature is of the utmost importance in our work as designers, as the sensory-rich feedback from the great outdoors awakens our senses, improves our moods, and creates transcendent experiences. READ MORE

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