Austin Watkins Appointed Managing Director Marketing & Hospitality Sales at Timbers Resorts

USA, Winter Park, Florida. July 06, 2020

Timbers Resorts, a leading developer and operator of boutique resorts, private residence clubs and fractional vacation homes in the world's most sought after destinations, today announces the appointment of Austin Watkins as managing director - marketing and hospitality sales. In this role, Watkins will be responsible for developing, driving and overseeing the marketing direction for the company, as well as overseeing sales for the company's resort and residential rental offerings. With over 27 years of experience in the luxury hospitality sector and an extensive background in global sales and marketing, Watkins will play a crucial role in Timbers Resorts' growth strategy that commenced with the company's recent relocation to Winter Park, Fla.

Watkins joined Timbers Resorts in 2018 as the global director of sales and marketing - hospitality, where he was responsible for leading sales and marketing efforts for the resort and residential rental division of the company. Prior to joining Timbers Resorts, Watkins spent 15 years with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, most recently as the regional director of hotel marketing for properties throughout Hawaii. Before joining Four Seasons, Watkins held a variety of positions within Hyatt and Marriott International.

"Austin has an invaluable insight into the world of luxury hospitality and a keen understanding of our business," said Greg Spencer, CEO of Timbers Resorts. "He has become an incredible asset to our sales and marketing teams, we're eager to see how he'll continue to strengthen the brand in his new leadership position."

"It is a privilege to take on this new role during such an exciting period for Timbers Resorts," said Austin Watkins. "I look forward to driving greater global awareness for our brand and helping propel the company as it continues to grow."

Watkins is a native of Orange County, California and enjoys triathlons and golf. He currently resides in Winter Park, Fla. with his wife, Sonia, and his children, Taran and Kavi.

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