How Hospitality Brands Can Successfully Market to Millennials

By Brett Tabano Senior Vice President of Marketing, MediaAlpha | August 12, 2018

Today, millennials are on the verge of surpassing Baby Boomers as the largest living adult generation in the United States, making them prime targets for marketing campaigns within every industry, including the hospitality space. But, many of these brands are starting to realize that their traditional marketing strategies aren't resonating as well with this generation like the ones before it, as millennials have altered what has been considered the norm. Through their new purchasing patterns, social behaviors and influences, millennials have forced brands to entirely rethink their marketing strategies.

One of millennials' defining traits is that they place a higher value on experiences like traveling, dining and enjoying live music, over tangible items. In fact, research shows that millennials already comprise over one-third of the world's hotel guests, and are anticipated to account for over 50 percent within the next two years. Therefore, hotels and hospitality brands must ensure their marketing campaigns are creating a sense of experience for millennials in order to engage them, as traditional marketing is not as enticing to this group.

While millennials are tricky to market to, that does not mean it's impossible. Brands just need to understand them, not get frustrated and forget about them.

The best way for marketers to generate the greatest number of sales this year is by developing and executing a comprehensive strategy designed to reach and engage millennial customers at multiple touchpoints. It won't be a "one and done" campaign, but the more brands are able to test the waters with this audience and see how they respond to different marketing tactics, the better off they will be at crafting a brand image that aligns with millennials.

This article will explore three ways hotel brands can begin to jumpstart their millennial marketing today.

1. Focus on Appealing and Engaging Content Marketing

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